You should plan to attend the Level 2 Delivering the Award Workshop only after successful completion of the Level 1 online training course.

Level 1 Training

The level 1 online training course is available free of charge on www.awardcommunity.org and is comprised solely of online learning modules and downloadable e-resources.

Please ensure you have successfully completed both sections of Level 1 before enrolling to attend Level 2.

Level 2 Training

Level 2 is comprised of two mandatory elements:

• Level 2: Adventurous Journey Pre-Reading (available on www.awardcommunity.org )
• Level 2: Delivering the Award Workshop

The Delivering the Award Workshop takes place over 2 full days. It delivers advanced learning to build on the Award knowledge gained during Level 1, and is designed to facilitate peer engagement and networking, as well as instructor-led classroom learning. On Day 2, it also provides practical experience of the requirements of the Adventurous Journey section.

The Delivering the Award Workshop is an instructor-led course facilitated by the Foundation.
Upon successful completion of Level 2, delegates will be certified as:

• Award Leader
• Adventurous Journey Supervisor
• Adventurous Journey Assessor

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03 - 04 May 2019 Jupiter International Hotel Cazanchise
Tito St, Cazanchise, Kirkos,
Addis Ababa,

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IAC Training: Addis Ababa

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